5 Things Every Woman Must Own

5 Things Every Woman Must Own

These five items are non-negotiable for women 

Kevin David

Kevin David

There are certain things every woman must own. If you don’t own these things, it’s time to start thinking of getting them. Check out what we mean below:

1. A perfume

Your perfume is the first thing people notice about you - after your dressing, hair and makeup, of course. People are immediately drawn to you when you smell nice. After all, smelling nice is good business.

2. A G-string

Every once in a while, it is necessary to spice things up in the bedroom and that’s exactly where your G-string comes in handy. Besides, wearing a G-string rather than a full pant is the safest bet for certain outfits.

3. Sexy lingerie

The train has left you behind if you are a woman who does not own at least one nice lingerie. Get yourself the kind of lingerie that spells sexy and watch your sex life transform.

4. A little black dress

Owning a little black dress is just as important as getting a job. It is, in fact, lifesaving, as you can never go wrong with black.

5. A sex toy

The importance of owning a sex toy cannot be stressed. A sex toy does not only help you reach orgasm, it is also a stress reliever and prevents sexual promiscuity.

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