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3 Reasons Why She Is Not Listening To You

Kevin David

Kevin David

I know! I know!! I know!!!

The first thing that comes to your head when you think of reasons why she’s not listening to you is, you don't have money. It's not a lie. It’s probably one reason but let's see some others.

1. She wants money

Yes, it’s the first reason why most girls won't give you the time of day. It's also the reason you should stop trying to talk to her. She's probably not in your league which is not always a bad thing. Some ladies are everything more than you and you know in your heart that it's not time for you to even want to level up in terms of some essential things like education or generally being serious with your life. This girl is 25. She has a good job, she has planned to be married and to leave the country in four years. You have been looking for a job with your OND for two years now, you think your mother’s food is the best thing in the world and can't imagine leaving her in Nigeria. Leave her alone first. Don't be selfish and don't deceive yourself. Focus on you and stop thinking of the kitty.

2. She's not ready

Just like you might not be ready, she might not ready too, especially if you're actually being serious and you're ready to settle. Stop thinking every girl should be happy that a man wants them and be ready to get married or ready to love you cause you're all that.

Some of us know that we're not there yet and we'll rather focus on getting there than getting into a relationship and messing everything up.

3. It's probably just not meant to be

You might believe in fate or destiny or the universe or God, but really most times, it's just not supposed to happen and most times you know because you see the red flags. You know she’s not as busty as you like or doesn’t cook or isn’t as spiritual as you’d like. Your mom thinks she’s a witch and your younger sister knows her from school. You know that won’t relate well with your friends and every other thing that you know. So, stop fighting and disturbing the girl and breaking your heart.