3 Time Stealers You Should Get Rid Of

Kevin David

Kevin David

Everyone has problems that they are dealing with. Everyone wishes they could have everything on lock down and be better. One of the top five things we would like to fix is how well we manage our time. Even if you’re not big on self-development, you should be big on productivity and getting things done. So, let’s look at some time stealers.

1. Self-deceit.

This is a topic that people should start looking into. It has the power to drive so many bad decisions that you make and it's unbelievable the things you can make yourself believe. You can make yourself believe that everyone hates you or you are the best at something or that you'll be able to get ready in time or get that paper done if you start late.

2. Laziness and being comfortable

Laziness is such an intangible feeling that has such tangible impacts on everything. It has no source, because you can't say you hit your head and became lazy or you took a drug and became lazy. No! You imagine it’s like an app that comes with the phone that if you uninstall, it will cause other things to malfunction but it's useless and you need the space. The best part is it's not true. You can uninstall it and be fine. In fact, better than fine.

The truth about being comfortable is, it actually makes you uncomfortable in the end because you can't run away from doing the things you need to do, and because you stay in your comfort zone for longer than you should, you now have to face the consequences of not doing what you should have done at the time. This now brings a discomfort that you cannot avoid in that moment but that could have been avoided.

3. It's not important to you

Really, if something is important to you, you'll get it done. So, fill your life with things that give it meaning. Do things that make you want to do them, not things that you have to make yourself want to do - just like habits indulge in good things that have rewards you can look forward to. This means, do the reverse of what you do for bad habits. Maximize the good feeling of the reward for the things you need to do. Create cycles around the things you need to do, things that have triggers that get you to do things on time.

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