9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Yahoo Boy

9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Yahoo Boy

Are you dating a Yahoo boy? Find out here!

Kevin David

Kevin David

In light of the arrest of controversial music artistes, Naira Marley and Zlatan, by the EFCC and all the drama surrounding them, it's imperative to watch out for signs of a Yahoo boy so that you can tell if you are dating a fraudster, especially if you met him on the Internet.

1. He has a vague profile

A Yahoo boy is not specific about what he wants in a partner, so his profile attracts more people.

2. He has a sweet tongue

A Yahoo boy tends to tell you exactly what you need to hear. He is quick to love up, and he wants to sweep you off your feet without knowing much about you.

3. He is usually offline

This is a tactic, so you contact him via your email or number.

4. He avoids personal questions

A Yahoo boy will avoid personal questions like complexion, occupation, etc and try to flip the question on you.

5. He makes excuses

If he keeps giving excuses for not meeting physically somewhere neutral, chances are that he is a fraud.

6. He constantly asks for money

A Yahoo boy bugs you for money and always has problems requiring money or wants to know how much you earn.

7. He is constantly borrowing

You should suspect someone of being a Yahoo boy when he constantly borrows money for one problem or the other and never refunds,.

8. He shares fake photos

If his profile is full of fake photos, it's a red flag.

9. Your gut instinct keeps nudging you

Always listen to your gut instinct. What does it say?

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