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Mother’s Day Celebration: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 

Mother’s Day Celebration: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly 

Kevin David

Kevin David

Mothers are truly the salt of the earth. What would life be without our amazing mothers? So, naturally on Mother's Day, many people all around the world wrote epistles celebrating their moms and it was really beautiful to see, from Michelle Obama to Serena Williams, and even new mother, Meghan Markle, to mere mortals all over social media.

There were those who used the opportunity to praise themselves for a job well done where the fathers were lacking.

Notable amongst them was actress, Mercy Aigbe, who praised herself for holding it down for her kids, especially her first for almost 18 years now without the support of her ex. There was also socialite, Ehi Ogbebor, who shaded her billionaire ex-husband,  Ken Bramor, for being totally MIA in the life of their child as she clocked one and threw her a lavish party to celebrate.

Regardless of whatever transpires between a couple, it is important not to make the child a victim of your love story gone sour but step it up and do your best for your kid.

How do these men sleep at night knowing they sired a kid out there who they aren't in touch with or financially supporting?

While this is bad enough, Brazilian singer, Maluma, in celebrating his mom on this special day posted a picture of himself kissing his mom on the lips. This is utterly disgusting and people called him out over this on social media, as it was way inappropriate.

Mother’s Day this year has in a way taught us so much about what is going on in people's lives and at the end of the day, life is just full of ups and downs.