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Garlic: Its Many Benefits To HIV Patients 

Kevin David

Kevin David

Garlic is both a herb and a spice used for centuries to heal many ailments and cleanse the blood, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

The main compound in garlic is allicin. It has other compounds that are beneficial to the body, so people consume it because it is believed it has antiviral properties.

HIV attacks the T cells which are a specific type of cells in the immune system. It fights viruses and tumour cells in the body. Now, when HIV destroys the T cells, it is harder to fight off infections, thus anything that may make the immune system stronger can be beneficial for people with HIV. This is why some people take garlic supplements.

A report by the Journal of Immunology Research suggests that garlic may improve immune system function by stimulating the production of certain types of cells. These cells include natural killer cells and macrophages which help fight infections. Thus, garlic may be beneficial to people with HIV.

Research also suggests that garlic has sulfur containing amino acids that stimulate activity in the immune system and help fight infections.

The National Cancer Institute also recognizes garlic as having some anticancer properties and as people with HIV are susceptible to some types of cancer, taking garlic may improve the outlook in some cases. In another research of 14 studies, they analyzed the link between garlic consumption and colon cancer and it did appear to lower ghetto risks of colorectal cancer. It is noteworthy to know garlic doesn't interfere with HIV medication.