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Maximise Your Mobile Data Usage In 4 Easy Ways

Maximise Your Mobile Data Usage In 4 Easy Ways

Want to maximise your data usage? Learn how!

Kevin David

Kevin David

The use of smartphones makes keeping in touch with family, friends and associates easier but it comes at a cost - the conspicuous consumption of data.

This can be frustrating; hence it is important to keep an eye on data usage. Here are tips on maximising your data plans.

1. Oftentimes, you may overestimate the amount of data you need. So, you need facts to make the best decision on which data plan you need. Log into your settings and review your data usage over the past month and select a plan higher than the last bundle.

2. Use Wi-Fi where possible. This is a fundamental rule for saving cellular data. If you have access to Wi-Fi at home or work or even public places like parks, supermarkets, etc., do not hesitate to use it.

3. Change your browsing habits by browsing the mobile version of the web on a mobile device. Avoid using the desktop version of a site if you can.

4. Subscribe to streaming services with offline options. As you know, videos are by far the biggest drain on our data. Thus, if you stream a lot of YouTube content, it is time to consider YouTube Red in addition to Apple music. Google Play music allows you to create playlists for offline listening.