5 Nigerian Instagram Accounts You Should Follow During The Lockdown
Eki Ogunbor

5 Nigerian Instagram Accounts You Should Follow During The Lockdown

Tired of scrolling aimlessly on Instagram during the lockdown? Follow these accounts.

Titilayo Olurin

Today, I serve you five Nigerian Instagram accounts that will brighten your timeline and keep you focused whenever you are on the social media platform.

This is neither a comprehensive nor conclusive list, as it contains Instagram accounts that I follow and that I find entertaining or helpful. But it is worth checking out, and if you are not already following one or two of these pages, you should do so now.

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1. Naija Single Girl

If you love to read about life in Nigeria, travel adventures, hilarious, true-life accounts of a single Nigerian woman’s hustle, this is one Instagram account you should follow. The young lady, who goes by the name ‘Naija Single Girl’, is no doubt good at storytelling and knows how to engage her audience.

2. Eki Ogunbor

Style blogger and former BellaNaija Style Editor, Eki Ogunbor, gives you all the beauty, fashion and style inspiration you need on her Instagram page. She lives for style and that much is obvious when you visit her page. Need advice on what to wear and how to wear it? Check out her Instagram account and you are sure to find something inspiring on there.

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3. Tidy Tribe

You will probably never come across an Instagram account that shares as many helpful cleaning tips as Tidy Tribe. Owned by Steph Ogundoyin, an award-winning cleaning professional, Tidy Tribe is as amazing as it gets. On this page, you will find regular tips, ideas and inspiration on not only cleaning but also on organizing your home and office. These tips are especially helpful at this time. You should totally check this one out. Your life will change after this, I promise.

4. Kehinde Smith

She calls herself your melanin godmother and it is obvious why. The tall, dark beauty, travel and lifestyle entrepreneur has one of the most creative pages I have seen on Instagram. Plus, I love how she makes black look so beautiful, attractive and colourful. Her page gets even more interesting when she travels to the most exotic places or shares some of her beauty secrets with her followers. There is enough to feed your eyes on.

5. Diary of a Naija Girl (DANG)

Each time I visit the DANG page, I see something worth reading, sharing, or commenting on. Many confuse her with Naija Single Girl, but they are not one and the same. While they both use a pseudonym that might seem alike and describe events in the same creative manner, DANG uses her name, Ife, freely and seems to explore broader topics on her page.

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