5 Nigerian Food YouTube Channels To Follow During The Lockdown

5 Nigerian Food YouTube Channels To Follow During The Lockdown

Tired of eating the same old Nigerian dishes during this lockdown? Check out these YouTube channels for amazing, new Nigerian food recipes. 

Titilayo Olurin

Food YouTube channels are a goldmine right now. Because everyone is shut indoors, there is a need to eat home-cooked meals. Some are beginning to get bored, though, with the same old recipes and want to try out new ones.

Others just want to learn how to cook something new and different to keep busy. Here are five YouTube channels that are guaranteed to give you the best Nigerian food recipes you will find.

1. SisiYemmieTV

Yemisi Odusanya, aka Sisi Yemmie, shares great food recipes on her vlogs. Besides touching on relationship and parenting subjects, the mother of two loves to focus on cooking and lifestyle. Her YouTube channel, also known as the Nigerian food channel, is totally worth checking out.

2. Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Chef Lola reminds you of all the reasons why you love Nigerian food. She is that chef you wish you were friends with. Her vlogs are a must-watch, and we are not just saying the words. From her famous no-knead sandwich bread recipe to beef and vegetable stir fry recipe, this chef shares the most amazing food tips on YouTube.

3. Flo Chinyere

Flo Chinyere is the all Nigerian recipes official page on YouTube. She is as detailed as they come and makes cooking look easy. If you are adventurous and want to try new recipes that you have never even heard of, this is where you should be.

4. Naija Food Tube

This food YouTube channel is all about mouth-watering Nigerian dishes. There exists a wide variety of Nigerian dishes and Naija Food Tube exposes you to them all. This channel is sure to keep you busy during this lockdown.

5. Zeelicious Foods

A list of the best Nigerian food YouTube channels to follow during the lockdown without a mention of Zeelicious Foods is incomplete. If you want to cook something different and appetizing, you should visit Zeelicious Foods on YouTube, where Winnifred Emmanuel shares some of the best Nigerian food recipes.

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