5 Nigerian Instagram Accounts Every Movie Lover Should Follow During The Lockdown
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5 Nigerian Instagram Accounts Every Movie Lover Should Follow During The Lockdown

If you are a movie lover looking for something to watch while you are indoors during this period, you should follow these Instagram accounts. 

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Rather than giving you a list of movies to watch, which you would probably exhaust within a day or two, we figure we’d give you a list of Instagram pages which offer a vast array of the most riveting movies to choose from.

So, here, we serve you five Nigerian - why not Nigerian, right? - Instagram accounts you should follow if you are an avid movie lover looking for something to keep you on the edge of your seat during this lockdown.

1. Factory Reject

This page posts some of the most enthralling movie reviews you will see on Instagram. Its reviews are detailed yet not too revealing. Trailers, posters and behind-the-scenes stills from movies are some of the captivating things that movie lovers are sure to find on here.

Known for its reject ratings, which help you decide what is worth seeing and what is not, Factory Reject is as unique as they come with its devotion to the world of Hollywood movies. Plus, if you love superhero movies and cartoons, this is where you should be.

2. Rinzy Movie Reviews

Rinzy Reviews is the best movie companion you can have now. With reviews, posters, and trailers on the latest movies and TV series, this page serves as a guide in the world of Hollywood entertainment.

The bio reads “Movies. TV. Small Talk” and this is exactly what you get here. A visit to this page and you are promptly reminded of all the reasons why you love movies and anything TV.

3. Watchuwatchin

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MY TOP 20 FROM 2019 (PART 4) 5. WAVES Usually you'll meet a central character long after the tragic defining moment that shaped their ideal, has happened. This coming-of-age slow burn purports to tell two stories wherein the first half is a real-time account of a promising black high schooler whose unfortunate undoing unwittingly becomes the backstory to that of his younger sister. Because we've witnessed firsthand her older sibling crash and burn, she becomes a more relatable character whose journey to self-healing in the second half is easier to digest. Many found this dual-perspective storytelling jarring but I thought it seamless and effective, if not ingenious. 4. JOKER We already know how I feel about this. My worship of the Todd Phillips iteration is well-documented. This was more than a film. It was a vibe. Virtually all the elements from cinematography to scoring, acting and editing, operating at a high level and meshing together sublimely to create a tone poem on classism and depression. 3. JUDY This was a real heartbreaker. I barely weep over anything yet I shed precisely two tears from my right eye lol by the time this ended. Not all that glitters is gold and Judy Garland was definitely one of those larger-than-life figures that got the short end of that stick. 2. PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE Travesty of the century how this French work of art didn't merit an Oscar nomination for its cinematography. 'Parasite' couldn't hold a candle to it. Every shot of every single scene was otherworldly! Celestial even. And beyond that painterly exterior were two charming and enigmatic heroines at the heart of one of cinema's best love stories. 1. LES MISÉRABLES Another solid entry from France! Unpredictable ass film. A routine patrol by three law enforcers takes a turn for the worst when a group of dangerous gypsies give a black neighborhood a 24-hour ultimatum to find the little boy that stole a lion cub from their circus. This story becomes a profound statement on how sowing seeds of compassion can yield unexpected fruit and ends on the Victor Hugo quote; "My friends, remember this. There are no bad plants or bad men. There are only bad cultivators."

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If you are not a fan of Hollywood movies, this is not for you. Watchuwatchin is curated by a Nigerian filmmaker who dedicates his time to reviewing Hollywood movies in a compelling way.

His views on movie production, direction, cast and acting are particularly interesting. Also not restricted to a particular genre, time or setting, his reviews explore a variety of movies, both recent and old, classic ones with different themes. His list of top 20 movies from 2019 is also worth checking out.

4. Netflix Compass

This page offers insight into the world of Netflix and gives directions on what to watch on there. Its posts feature foreign and local movies, series and everything that might pique your interest on the internet streaming platform. So, if you have been bitten by the Netflix bug, this is for you.

We are grateful for the timely reviews posted on here that make navigating the world of internet entertainment easy.

5. Afam the Movie Plug

From posters and memes to polls and quizzes, this Instagram page explores a host of movie-related stuff. Its posts are not restricted to movies but include TV series and other things you might find entertaining. It is definitely a great place to be if you love TV series as much as movies.

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