Types of People reacting to President Buhari’s Speech
Types of People reacting to President Buhari’s Speech

5 Types Of People Reacting To President Buhari’s Speech

See the five different types of people reacting to President Buhari’s recent address about ending the lockdown and imposing a curfew. 

Titilayo Olurin

There has been an obvious social media frenzy since President Muhammadu Buhari gave his speech on Monday night.

The president noted that there will be an imposed curfew once the lockdown is lifted on Monday, May 4.

Social media users reacted differently to this. While some responded with hilarious memes, others had more serious opinions to air.

Check out the five types of people we found reacting to the president’s speech on social media. Which one are you?

1. The Jubilators

The Jubilators

It is easy to spot the jubilators on social media. These are the restless ones. They are tired of staying indoors and are happy that the lockdown will be over soon. The president’s announcement is good news to them and they think of it as a relief from staying indoors all day. They do not care much about the spread of the coronavirus, as they refuse to believe that the lockdown was imposed for their safety.

2. The predictors

The Predictor

By their comments, you shall know the predictors. These ones predicted that the lockdown would be lifted even before the president gave his speech. They are members of the “I just knew it. I said it!” gang who go about telling everyone willing to listen that they had foreknowledge of the president’s decision. Like students whose predictions of exam questions turn out to be true, they boast of their psychic abilities.

3. The Sceptics

The Sceptic

The sceptics hardly go unnoticed. They are not in the least subtle. They have one cynical comment or the other to make on the issue. They are fiery and have criticized the president’s speech from the beginning till the end, tearing each sentence apart.

It is best to give them a wide berth if you come across them on social media, as they will not spare you, except you have an opinion similar to theirs. They are also the meme gang, as they share rather sarcastic images of the lockdown and curfew. Do not be deceived!

4. The Observers

The Obervers

They are the “siddon dey look” kind of people who have nothing to say on the issue. They read other people’s comments on social media and contribute little. They are ready to sit, watch and see how events unfold after the lockdown is lifted. When you ask what they think, they respond with the words, “I don’t know o!” “Na dem sabi!” and “Which one concern me?” They also share memes along these lines.

The Pessimist

5. The Pessimists and Optimists

The pessimists are sure that this will end in a total disaster and cannot be convinced otherwise. They do not want to hear any arguments for or against the president’s decision. They insist that no good will come out of this.

The optimists are the exact opposite. They are positive that things will turn out right and everything will work out just fine. Their comments on social media are usually cheerful and hopeful.

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