Policeman In Trouble For Sleeping With Accused Woman
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Policeman In Trouble For Sleeping With Accused Woman



A newly promoted Police Officer at a Police Station at Oke Aro, Agbado Ogun State, Sarafa, surname withheld is in trouble for sleeping with an accused woman, Nkechi.

The accused was detained for buying a stolen phone, only for Sarafa to stand in for her bail.

Sarafa who was described as a promiscuous man got attracted to  Nkechi because of her natural endowment.

This facilitated him to stand as her guarantor as he allegedly slept with her thereafter.

Meanwhile, when an invitation was extended to Nkechi to report at the station, she could not be found.

At this point, the Police authority arrested Sarafa and detained him to suffer the sin of Nkechi, his bedmate.

However, those in the know said Sarafa could do anything to woo beautiful women.

They disclosed that despite having women of different shape and colour, he is still not satisfied.

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