Nigeria’s Agric entrepreneurs make case for strong leaders

Nigeria’s Agric entrepreneurs make case for strong leaders


As the 2015 general elections draws closer, key business people have said that the country needs strong institutions and leaders to fast track the country’s development goals, and ensure sustainable growth. 

An agric entrepreneur and Chairman of L-and-Z Integrated Farms Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, said Nigeria needed strong leaders to create strong institutions that would position the country among great nations of the world.

“As a developing nation, we need a strong leader and as a country that is aspiring to become one of the 20 greatest countries of the world, we need strong institutions.

“We need both, a developed nation does not really need a strong leader, but in our case, it’s only a strong leader that would establish a strong institution,’’ he said.

Managing Director of Elephant Group – a multi-national agro-company – Mr Tunji Owoeye said: “We need both strong leaders and strong institution; strong leaders that would take decisions that would benefit the nation.

`We need strong institutions that would be a vehicle that would drive good leadership and that would be platform for things to be displayed and meticulously followed,’’ he said.

Mr Azubike Nwokoye, Programme Advisor, Food and Agriculture, ActionAid, a civil society group, however, said strong institutions would bring about strong leaders.

“We need strong institutions, it would definitely bring about strong people, if the institutions are strong; it would make the leader focused.

“It is only when institutions not just at the federal level but at local government level are strong that we can have development,’’ he said.


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