Veteran actor laments over movie marketers’ attitude

Veteran actor laments over movie marketers’ attitude


A veteran Actor, Tunji Adisa, on Thursday bemoaned the casual attitude of marketers to the distribution of materials of the entertainment industry.

Adisa told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the marketers have been their major challenge in the industry.

“When an actor releases a video album and gives it out to marketers to market for him or her, they don’t give back to the actor a good return.

“At times, when they sell 100,000 copies of our CD plates, they will say they sold 40,000 copies. Such attitude is discouraging.

“It has happened to me several times; when I give out my complete album to a marketer, they end up giving me a token in return but the CD would have been widely sold, beyond that amount given to me in return.

“I have used different marketers to sell my albums but they all ended up exhibiting the same attitude,“ Adisa said.

“He urged the marketers in the entertainment industry to exhibit a high sense of commitment, to project the sector positively.

“It is not inspiring for marketers to be earning more

than the original owner of the movie.

“But since the artiste must engage the services of a marketer, does it mean that the marketer must exploit his clients?

“This can frustrate actors out of business when he or she is not getting something reasonable out of it.

“We are into the business to make profit

, not to be exploited by someone else.

“It is not easy for us to release an album that will interest the public the way we do, only for somebody to exploit us,’’ he added. (NAN)

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