BBA Hotshot winner, Idris Sultan buys new house

BBA Hotshot winner, Idris Sultan buys new house

Fola Akintomide

Winner of the 9th season of Big Brother Africa, themed Big Brother Hotshots, Idris Sultan has bought a new house.

The Tanzanian citizen who beat Nigeria’s Tayo Faniran to win the prize money of $300,000  shared photos of his house on Instagram on Thursday, January 22, 2014.

Feeling happy and appreciative for all the support shown to him by his fans, he wrote:

“I have seen thousands of people through my life time, got helped and expected to do alot in return, broken and crushed with no one to pick me up. I have struggled from ground level with all sorts of sayings like “you will never make it” to where i am now. I have shaken millions of hands not knowing who has good intentions with me. The world is for everyone who has a dream and a good will to it. The world is for all who want to change lives and make people smile. The world full of good hearted people is a dream. I stand today and say “my name is Idris Sultan and am not that special, that unique, that strong than most of you. I just dared to go for what i want, put my heart to it and here i am today. This is just the beginning. You’re welcome to join.”

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