African Americans should go back to Africa – Akon

African Americans should go back to Africa – Akon

Fola Akintomide

In a recent interview with Al-Jazeera, Grammy award nominee Akon said that the American system was never built for black people.

He said this after the killings of Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson last year which led to protests against police brutality targeting African-Americans.

He said dissatisfied African-Americans don’t “go back to Africa” because they are afraid of the continent.

He said the reason that African-Americans don’t want to go back to Africa is because they have it too good in America.

Akon said that American live a good life compared to the average person living on the African contract. The singer was born in the United States but spent a lot of time in his childhood in Senegal.

According to him most poor Americans get money from the government to survive. He also added that if these groups were to be taken from the environment where they are now to the same ‘equal’ environment in Africa, they would be crying to come back to America.

Akohas sold over 40 million albums and had 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs. His upcoming five-part album, Stadium, will be out this year.

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