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Another British health worker tested for Ebola

Another British health worker tested for Ebola


Public Health England, on Monday in London, confirmed that a second British military healthcare worker has been flown back to England from Sierra Leone following the likely exposure to the Ebola virus.

Public Health England said the worker had likely been exposed to the virus from a needle injury while treating a patient with Ebola.

Mark Francois, Minister for the Armed Forces, said the worker has not been diagnosed with the virus and does not have any symptoms.

He said another healthcare worker was flown back on Saturday following a similar injury and both are being tested at the Royal Free hospital in London.

“Although we have had two similar incidents within a short space of time, both appear to be unrelated,” he said.

“Our personnel receive the highest standard of training and briefing prior to deployment, including on the use of the specialised Personal Protective Equipment,’’ he added.

Francois said two other Britons have already been successfully treated at the Royal Free hospital for the virus and have been released.