2015 fashion trends for guys

2015 fashion trends for guys


Men’s fashion is seldom changing. The old runway trends don’t necessarily disappear altogether or get replaced by new ones. The new trends or looks only go ahead to build on some timely and appropriate pieces season after season; which is why men’s fashion can be a relatively expensive affair. Boys are always open to spending more on quality pieces and that’s exactly the reason why you should know about the latest fashion trends of 2015. Let’s get sartorially attuned!

1) Stripes Alert

Stripes, currently, is the hottest thing right now. But did it really go out of fashion ever? Stripes are a staple of both formal and casual wear, and if worn appropriately can lend a very minimalistic stylish appearance to your outfit. Applied to a wide variety of garments including bespoke shirts, tailored trousers and even casual T-shirts and jumpers, you’ll be spoilt for choice when opting for this trend. Go for striped bottoms (shorts or trousers) with a block coloured T-shirt or knitwear, or opt for bold stripe patterned jumper with acid-wash jeans with recurring bold coloured motifs for a neo-modern look.

2) Colour Code

You know the age-old advice that’s every fashion guru’s favourite: ‘Inject some colour into your wardrobe’-we’re sorry to tell you that it indeed holds true. Go all bold and bright this season, especially Summer/Spring. Various hues of neon to blood pumping red to tangerine (because orange is the new black!) will make sure there are no holds barred. If you’re not on board with this trend, you can also tone down the bright colors by teaming them with neutral and balancing colors-like white, bottle green and salmon pink.

3) Double Denim Dose

Denims are a very versatile fabric, something that’s worn even by the topmost designers of the world including- Gucci, Saint Laurent or Tom Ford. Whether casual or tailored, denims enable you to get many a different look with equal panache. Simply combine a denim shirt and jeans with your trusted blazer and boots for that raw, grunge look. You can also wear your washed denim jacket with a white tee, a different hued jeans and sneakers for a more sporty/casual look.

Tip – Double denim works best when you wear jeans that are a shade or two darker than a denim shirt or blazer/jacket.

4) Get Printed

Prints are everywhere in menswear, and the good news is that they’re found in all types-splashes, subtle, bold, detailing and even florals. In fact we’re going to go ahead and declare that S/S will see different pieces of clothes adorned with various prints. You can be a little creative and look for pieces with bold-colour swirl prints or neutral color mosaic prints. However, in the midst of prints, floral print is going to clearly dominate the scene. They can come in shirts, tees, bottoms or even shoes (accessories), but the trick is to always frame them with less attention-grabbing neutrals.

5) Suede

Suede-whether jackets or shirts, is something you must consider having it in your wardrobe. The fabric is such that it alters gracefully and practically between cooler summer/spring nights to chilly winter days. An excellent alternative for a leather jacket, suede is also extremely soft to touch. And guess what, it also comes in different colours apart from beige. Suede shirts normally come in blue, black and brown colours-and for the edgy ones- mustard red and green can be the go-to colour.

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