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Jackie Chan’s Son Jaycee Released From Jail


Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan was released from a jail in Beijing, China on Friday, February 13 after completing six-month sentence on drug charge. Jaycee is expected to hold a press conference on Saturday along with her mother Lin Feng-jiao. He will “formally apologize” for his wrongdoing.

In a photo obtained by South China Morning Post, Jaycee could be seen sitting in a car with her face covered by his black hoodie. According to the site, the 32-year-old actor’s car was escorted by two police cars out of the Dongcheng district detention centre. Jaycee’s agency said he’s released at around 3:00 A.M.

Jaycee, who was detained at his home in Beijing along with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko in August 2014, was sentenced to six months in jail and fined 2,000 yuan back in January. He pleaded guilty to a charge of providing a shelter for others to use drugs. At that time, he told the court that he didn’t know what police wanted when they came to his house.

“I didn’t know what [police] wanted. I just gave them information and I confessed because I didn’t know how to deal with the marijuana, and I just wanted to hand over [marijuana] to the country,” Jaycee said, before adding, “I broke the law and I should be punished. However, even if I get due punishment, it doesn’t necessarily mean I will get forgiveness.”

Jackie said in December that he felt ashamed after his son was indicted on drug charge. “I hope that in the future, [my son] could become an anti-drug spokesman and tell his experiences to young people,” said the “Rush Hour 3” actor, before adding that he never used his connection to get his son out.