Successful movie practitioners in South Africa

Successful movie practitioners in South Africa

Fola Akintomide

South Africa is a multi-ethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages and religions; attributes which have made the country stand out, as they have used it to their advantage. A country with great history and heroes which they have not failed to project through every medium possible: like their movie industry.

South Africa has one of the most vibrant, growing film industries in Africa, as its reputation increases on a daily basis and stands competitive to the international world.

Due to the country’s diverse, unique and attractive locations; as well as low production costs and favorable exchange rate, which make it cheaper to make a movie than in Europe or the US – both the local and international filmmakers have continued to attract investors thereby giving the country’s film industry global boost.

Over the years, the South African actors and practitioners have hypnotized movie lovers across Africa with their breath-taking and most extraordinary performances. They have been phenomenal with their acting and their appearance on every scene will leave you expectant for more action, which has helped them clinch several awards in Africa with the most recent one being the African Movie Academy Awards 2014 – where they were the biggest winners of the night.

They are also blessed with the physical appearance, glamour and captivating traits that always keep the fans fascinated, while some of them are friendly, cool, and genuine; others could be characterized as being controversial, full of life and intelligent. Whatever category these individuals belong to, below is a list of some of South Africa’s famous movie practitioners in recent time.

John Kani (Actor)

At a time when black South African actors didn’t have a stance in the movie industry, John was one of the few actors who were able to get to the peak of his career against all odds. Today, he stands as one of the key figures in the movie industry that has paved way for others; he is the current theatre director and the chairman of the South African national theatre council.

Mothusi Magano (Actor)

He started as a stage actor but today, Mothusi Magano remains a source of inspiration for upcoming acts in South Africa, with his exceptional display of raw talent with his role in Hotel Rwanda in 2004. And since then, he has recorded an impressive outing so far, he recently clinched the desiderata prize for “Best Actor” in a Lead Role for 2014, for his role in the movie “Of A Good Report” at the just concluded 2014 AMAA Awards.

Jahmil XT Qubeka (Film maker)

If there is a man enjoying the fruit of his labor accompanied with the praises and accolades, he is no other than one of South Africa’s top film maker Jahmil XT Qubeka. He is the brain behind “Of A Good Report” and has been applauded for the flick which portrays the importance of a teacher to the society.

His professionalism over the years has contributed to the growth of the motion picture industry in South Africa. He was nominated for 13 categories and won the awards for the “Best Director” and “Achievement In Screenplay” at the just concluded Africa Movie Academy Awards, for his breathtaking work in “Of A Good Report” – his 2013 produced movie.

Lee-Ann van Rooi (Actress)

When you think of Lee-Ann Rooi, a beautiful, glorious, glamorous and renowned actress comes to mind. This is an individual who has seen it all in South Africa’s entertainment industry – she is a Jill of all trades. She is recognized for her flawless performance in every movie she has been featured in both internationally and locally, not forgetting her commendable role in “Of A Good Report” which saw her nominated for the “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” in the AMAA 2014 Award – an award which was won by Nigeria’s Patience Ozokwor. Nonetheless, she remains a key figure in the country’s growth on the movie scene.

Nambitha Mpumlwana (Actress)

Nambitha Mpumlwana is one actress who has what it takes and ready to go the extra mile to interpret her roles in movies, which leaves her fans totally engrossed in the experience. The business woman and philanthropist is one of “Generations” top stars, she has featured in some international movies alongside Morgan Freeman in “Invictus” and Angelina Jolie in “Beyond Borders”. She continues to make headlines as one of the pioneering figures in the industry.

Hlomla Dandala (Actor)

He is professional to the core; he is classy and has become a fan favorite with his personality. The movie star won the hearts of Africans with his exquisite performances in “Jacobs Cross” and “Insidigo” and has gone ahead to record a turning point in his career with appearances in several movies – “The Contract” is the most recent one; it’s no doubt that he was one of the revelations of 2013 as he carted away the “Best Actor Awards” from the Ghana Movie Awards.

Whether it’s fame, fortune of failure, he never backs down on striving to be the best South African export.

Sadly, one would expect Nigeria to dominate every African Awards due to the position Nollywood holds in the world movie market, but now it’s clear that the movie production in South Africa has survived the trying times.

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