MI Abaga Covers MyStreetz Magazine


Chocolate City rapper, M.I Abaga covers the latest edition of Mystreetz magazine with the title: ‘The Resurgent M.I’.

Sesan Adeniji, publisher of Mystreetz magazine spoke on featuring MI in the new edition, saying:

‘Welcoming the idea of doing rap songs to connect with the locals or rapping in your local dialect is a refreshing idea we have been waiting on for several years but that does not mean we should strike out the basic element of rap as a genre.

This does not mean we should rule out a talented rapper like ‘MI’ who I believe contributed to this movement with the single, ‘African Rapper’ featuring Flavour.’ ‘Arguably, MI is everything that Rap music should be all about.

With the rate at which trends continue to evolve in the Nigerian music industry, several artistes have fallen short but MI survived. He is above the trend, his content is rare.

Trend will always come and go but content will always survive. Content defines its own trend. If you have been following this ‘short black boy’ from his debut album, Talk about it to his sophomore, MI2 then the most recent offering  Chairman, you will understand that it will be hard for anyone to write him off.’…

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