Uru Eke Set To Release First Movie “Remember Me”

Uru Eke Set To Release First Movie “Remember Me”


Stunning actress, Uru Eke, is set to release her movie. She wows in a series of vibrant pictures as she introduces the “Cosmopolitan Working Actress” (series 1)

What really is the inspiration behind your movie “Remember Me”?

Uru Eke: The inspiration for the movie was more on corruption but it was also about a couple who love each other dearly but have issues normal relationships have. The guy died the other held back memories. The guy still stuck around not wanting her to forget him.

At the same time the film projects the issue of corruption concerning illegal land leases- how companies go into a community and take over their resources, displacing the people and not offering them anywhere else to live, all in a bid to take control/exploit what is in the land. A typical example is the village, Membe in Bayelsa, where the oil was taken and the people are impoverished without giving back, they sit on so much wealth yet have none.

Did you write the story?

Yes, I did. I put down my various ideas. The idea and the story was totally mine and I just handed it over to a script writer.

Uru Eke stunning in High Waist Peplum Skirt and Yellow Crop Top

Who are the cast of “Remember Me?”

Femi Jacobs, OC Ukeje, Victor Olaotan, Anthony Manjaro, Myself, Chigul (Chioma Omeruah)

What an interesting cast. You have Chigul? So is there some form of comic relief?

Actually Chigul took on a serious role.

What were your criteria for choosing these actors?

When I looked at the characters, I needed actors who could absolutely fit in. I looked at a few profiles and watched some of their performances on other projects/movies – I saw how close they were to the characters I came up with. That was how I was able to pair them up. And they all did an amazing job. I mean the director said it himself.

Who is the director of the movie?

Izu Ojukwu

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