Michelle Obama meets her “Scandal” counterpart Bellamy Young


It could be rather an awkward moment.

But there was nothing but mutual admiration as First Lady Michelle Obama met her fictional counterpart Bellamy Young, the star of Scandal.

The two, who posed for a photo on the Ellen DeGeneres show, appeared delighted as they bonded.

Bellamy told Ellen that it was the second time the pair had met.

‘I met her last year around this time at White House Correspondents dinner,’ explained the 45-year-old.

‘Tony Goldwyn who plays my husband on the TV [and I] got to sort of go through a line and meet them together.’

And it was immediately clear that Michelle was an avid Scandal fan.

‘The first thing she said to me was. as we were walking onto the dance. she says, “why did you kill your son?”
‘I got really nervous and I was like “oh”, and I couldn’t really get any words out. So I was glad I got to speak today.’

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