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In Unity: Ghanaian celebrities speak against Xenophobic attacks

In Unity: Ghanaian celebrities speak against Xenophobic attacks


So far, a Ghanaian living in South Africa has been reportedly killed along side several foreigners in the xenophobic attacks in Durban and Johannesburg.

Ghanaians, celebrities and government officials have shared their views on the barbaric act, condemning the unacceptable behaviour. John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Jon Germain, DKB, Kwaw Kese, Raquel, and others have taken the issue to social media to share their views as follows:

John Dumelo said: “The xenophobic attacks against Ghanaians, Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa must stop! This is the height of injustice. We are all Africans, we are all one people, with one positive goal. What’s the point in killing and attacking fellow Africans?”

Jon Germain: “Why another man can be so mean to another man… In this world that does not belong to us.We all die and leave everything behind.God Help us.”

DKB: “Where are all those think tanks or think gallons to mount pressure on govt to take retributive actions against SA? So so stomach policies!!”

Raquel said: “GOD please help Africa Please rescue the innocent People!”

Yvonne Nelson said: “South Africa I’m disappointed.”

M3nsa said: “How many of u know the CRUCIAL role Naija played in SA’s Apartheid fight? What happened after? Try getting a visa to SA as a naija man.Kai!”

AJ Nelson said: “These stupid South Africans were just praying for Nelson Mandela to die so they can start their evil deeds…”

Kwaw Kese said: “What’s the world saying about South Africa??? Is this the same SA we know?”