Kanye West is Lewis Hamilton’s number one fan – rapper loves his music!

Kanye West is Lewis Hamilton’s number one fan – rapper loves his music!

Kenny Awotorebo

Lewis Hamilton is steadily earning himself quite the A list following.

The Formula One racing champion has been teasing the launch of his music career for several months, and Kanye West is the latest star to sing his praises.

The rapper said: “Lewis Hamilton’s over at my house and we’re playing some music in my studio.

“We’re having an Easter brunch and all of the family’s there, my wife’s family, my friends, everything. And everybody’s like, ‘What is this music?’.

“And I’m like, ‘It’s Lewis Hamilton’s music’. They’re like, ‘Oh my God. It’s good, it’s really, really good’.”

Talking about one of his tracks previously, Lewis said: “I have played it for Pharrell Williams as well as Timbaland and Drake because I want feedback from as many people as possible.”

The 30-year-old hunk – who split from on/off girlfriend, ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ hitmaker Nicole Scherzinger in February after seven years together – admitted he is using his creative talents to express his feelings and finds it “a really good way of clearing your thoughts”.

He continued: “I write my own stuff. I really enjoy the whole creative thing and I’ve always loved doing it.”

However, the racer revealed he only got into making music after he created a recording studio in his home for his former flame.

In an interview on BT Sport, he added: “I actually built the studio in my house for someone else and ended up using it.

“I built it so we could be in the same place all the time… but now I use it all the time instead.”

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