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Jaywon tours Europe alongside YQ

Jaywon tours Europe alongside YQ


Jaywon is currently working himself out as he is on an European tour alongside his buddy, YQ.

According to Pulse, the ‘This Year’ singer, Jaywon noted that his tour of Europe including performing in France, Spain and Malaga.

“This is what you do when you are in charge of your career. You pray to God and you work hard. I have been working hard, shooting videos and recording songs all this while. The European tour had been booked long before now and after concluding what I have to do in Nigeria, I decided to embark on the tour,” Jaywon said.

On his collaboration with YQ, the singer explained that they have been buddies from inception but then they had different management team and record company and hardly see but now, they are more independent and try to work together to achieve a common goal.

‘You know we have been together for a long time coming but let’s just say now, we are independent and we are working with each other to grow our brands and make more music that would outlive us,’ were his words.