Bow Wow talks ‘106 & Park,’ Cash Money Records and more

Bow Wow talks ‘106 & Park,’ Cash Money Records and more

Fola Akintomide

Speaking with XXL, rapper turned actor Bow Wow spoke about a variety of topics including his time on BET’s “106 & Park,” Cash Money Records and dropping the name Bow Wow. According to the rapper, he had to change from Bow Wow to his given name Shad Moss to look professional.

“I had to go to this CBS event and it was like, I can’t come as Bow Wow,” he said. “There’s a different level of sh*t. As an actor, I’m standing next to Patricia Arquette—who’s now an Oscar Award winner—and I have to align myself in this elite class. It’s no different than when Jay Z goes as Shawn Carter when he’s suited up handling other business.”

Bow Wow, who was signed to Cash Money Records for six years, left the label this year without releasing an album. According to him, he hadn’t realized how much time had passed by as he hosted “106 & Park.”

“I had so many other things going on [besides music],” the rapper said to XXL. “Then 106 comes and I do that for two years. I was making so much money outside of rap that I was so comfortable, I wasn’t even checking for music like that. I never even blew up the label’s phone like, ‘Yo, what’s going on?’ I never once tripped because I was cool. I was fortunate to have so many hustles that not doing one wasn’t hurting me.

“The only thing that was hurting me was the fact that my fans would want music or I wanted to put out stuff. It was a situation that I wished worked out for the best, because any situation that I do, I want it to work. Anything you do in business, you want it to win,” he said.

But there was no bad blood between Bow Wow and the label.

“I had a great time over there,” he said. “I had a chance to learn a lot from everybody. I’m still cool with them to this day. I have no problem with nobody over there. I’m just a non-confrontational dude. I just did my business the cool way and the respectable way because you never know when you might need somebody.”

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