Eva Longoria to launch womenswear line

Eva Longoria to launch womenswear line


Hollywood producer and actress Eva Longoria has unveiled plans to launch her clothing line!

The actress who is best friends with Victoria Beckham will be launching her womenswear line consisting mainly workwear, dresses and casual sportwear in 2016 with Sunrise Brand.

The actress who dished to WWD on her new business venture reveals the line will “offer women versatility while evoking confidence, comfort and a sense of glamour”.

Longoria also revealed she will be involved in designing the pieces from the scratch which she is said to be in its “beginning phases. We’re going through my closet now and picking fabulous pieces.” she said.

It seems Hollywood celebrities are fast turning their passion for dress-up into businesses as only days ago, Rihanna put final touches to registering the brand name for her fashion business, Lady Gaga’s stylist Brandon Maxwell also revealed plans to showcase later this year and Eva Longoria too joins the business of fashion.

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