#Opinion – Entangled in an office romance

#Opinion – Entangled in an office romance

Fola Akintomide

I think it’s an unwritten but generally acknowledged rule that office romance should be avoided at all costs. With the attendant drama(s) and complications that come with it, it’s never worth the effort and stress. Virile young man that I am begged to differ and I wished I had adhered to this unwritten rule. Most times the head pretends to be in control but often times the heart (or should I say our penises) really controls us. In the case of Lola though, my head did put on a fight, but as lost cause goes it was a brave and pointless fight. From day one that Lola stepped into our organization, I knew deep down that I was lost and since am such a sucker for big bums, she had me on lockdown before she even introduced herself as a youth corps member attached to our department.

I did put up a fight, I knew she was a disturbance to the carefully laid equilibrium I had working for me in that office. She wasn’t the hottest girl in the office by the way and I had a strictly professional relationship with the other ladies. Lola had something though, something I couldn’t place my finger on; she was crossed eyed which was sexy in a perverse way and fair looking and she had nothing going for her when you scanned her from top to bottom but when she turns, the story changes. She had such a big bum that seemed as if it had a will to hug the floor and the fact that she always wore those tight corporate skirts made her bum stop you in your tracks when she turned. I can at least testify that I always lost my train of thought when she went past me.

I knew I was attracted to Lola and since I didn’t want any emotional attachments to her I deployed a strategy for dealing with her; I ignored her. As an incorrigible flirt it wasn’t easy for me but I had something working for me, I wasn’t the only admirer and I encouraged the other guys to go for her thinking it would help me deal with the fact that I wanted to get into her pants so badly. There was something about Lola that I mentioned earlier and a colleague latter explained to me that she radiated sex; it had to be true because anytime she stepped into the office spirits were literally lifted and all the male present become chatterboxes and hyperactive but me I just acted like nothing was going on and maintained my smugness. For the first time in a long time I was forgoing the chance to chase a lady I was visibly attracted to.

My strategy was clearly working. She tried to come close and I carefully deflected her attentions and my aloofness clearly threw her off and this even earned me a new kind of respect from my mates at the office who knew I had a reputation of plucking where I hadn’t planted provided it was free for the taking. Months flew by and I grew complacent and satisfied that I had resisted the sweet temptation of falling for a sweet apple which could lead to a knotty situation. Like every well laid plan, when fate decides to play its hand it unravels all and makes a mockery of it all and since I had decided to fight my nature it decided to teach me a lesson. I did have adequate warning though.

It was December when our business usually picks up and keeping late hours was the norm. Lola stepped into the office and as usual she looked gorgeous in one of her unlimited supply of corporate skirts which sampled her bum in its fullest glory, all this was noted in passing as I concentrated on my desk. First warning that fate was up to no good was during lunch when she stepped in to the cafeteria and decided to take a seat opposite me as I consumed my garri. She said a hi that got a barely audible hello from me and she asked me “Dude why do you hate me so?” I looked up with a smile and told her “I don’t hate you, I fear you. You are a weakness I’m running from.” promptly I got up and left with her jaw hanging open. It was such a funny sight I had trouble helping my mirth.

Funny episode forgotten as I immersed myself into work and when I came to, it was past 8pm and everybody had left or so I thought but when I stepped into the common room to get a glass of water lo and behold my nemesis bent trying to get a cup of water. With the bum bent towards me and looking so ripe for a sensual rub. I swallowed and felt a tingle go through me. I knew now and then I had been fighting a battle I couldn’t win. My joystick was already stirring at such a glorious sight and as I tried to beat a hasty retreat she turned and saw me standing there with my bulge and breathing hard.

She walked towards me with a smile on her face and as she caressed my clearly visible bulge she said to me “I can clearly see what your weakness is” with no further prompting I grabbed her and maneuvered her with my lips pressed to her lips and my hands groping for her boobs into my office in one smooth motion, the next movements and motions were a blur. Pent up desires unleashed as I explored every part I had imagined buried in her sweetness of a body. Reality did beat imagination as I got more than I expected and when I finally plunged into her sweet warm wetness I knew I had finally arrived home.

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