Happy Birthday! 5 tracks that set 2face on his way to stardom

Ezinne Osuagwu

There were so many songs that made us love Tu face back in the day, from his African queen track which became a hit all around the world, to his love songs that won our hearts, Tu face is a legend living among us. He continues to blaze the trail with his soulful music. As he marks his birthday today, we fondly take you back in time to those Tu face songs that made us fall in love with him, hopefully as you take this walk down the memory lane with him again, we hope you’ll fall in love all over again.

African Queen

This song was so popular, it was used at wedding, at proposals, at parties! Everyone loved to sing along to this track. In retrospect, I can see why. There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s just a love song everyone can relate to.

For Instance

For instance was the jam! It had everyone thinking about what could be. I’d have a for instance quote in school. It was quite danceable and I remember  crip-walking to the song. Good ol days

Keep on rocking

I still can’t believe this song was a club banger at the time but I loved it and rocked to it. If you watch the video, you’ll see the club scene in those days very hilarious, but the beauty is in seeing how far Tu face has come with his music and career.

Nfana Ibaga

Up until now, I do not know how what this means but I know it was almost like a classic nursery rhyme. Every one was singing Nfana Ibaga. He brought his language into the music scene and it was widely accepted and loved among all and sundry.


I am calling you ole, cause you stole my heart away” this was one of my favorite 2face jamz. There was something about 2face’s song that keeps it on replay always! Je ne sais qua!

Happy birthday.

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