I had a “serious, serious crush” on my momma – R.Kelly

I had a “serious, serious crush” on my momma – R.Kelly

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R.Kelly in a new 45-minute musical-spoken word video for GQ has chronicled his life’s story -a way you’ve never heard it told before.

Cigar in hand, R. Kelly recounts his tumultuous childhood on the South Side of Chicago, how he discovered his voice by singing in the shower and started his career as a street performer competing with the trains that roared past him on subway platforms.

He also addressed his past experience about being sexually abused by a family member from the time he was seven until he was 15. He recounts a memory about having a “serious, serious crush” on his momma.

In an outing in McDonald’s with his mother He explained:

“She had this cheap lipstick, and she would taste the coffee to make sure it was sweet enough. And she would leave the ring of lipstick on the coffee when she would taste the coffee. I remember that when she would give me mine, I would turn it around and I would drink from her lipstick part because in a son-mother way, I had a serious, serious crush on my mom…”

He continued: “I loved her. I even asked her to marry me one day. I was like nine. She said no.”

Though Kelly refrained from addressing some of the more controversial moments of his career, the video is a fitting complement to GQ’s recent profile on the singer. In the piece, R. Kelly spoke about his life unfettered and even addressed the various lawsuits he’s settled with women who accused him of allegations that include sex with underage girls.

Kelly reiterated his innocence and said he regretted not facing his accusers in court, because if he settles a lawsuit, he’s then immediately presumed guilty. “I think that’s how normal people think who don’t know and understand the life of a celebrity,” Kelly said.

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