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‘Couple of Days’ was shot in four days —Ayo Orunmuyi

‘Couple of Days’ was shot in four days —Ayo Orunmuyi

Yvonne Williams

Ayo Orunmuyi, a Group Manager with Procter and Gamble turned film producer gave a little insight to his new project – ‘Couple of Days’ in a short interview with the Vanguard.

In his words: “This is the first time I am producing a movie. Our vision is to create high quality productions that will tell the Nigerian story. ‘Couple of Days’ is special in many respects; take for instance, it was shot in four and half days!

It’s all about bringing the efficiency within the manufacturing environment to bear on movie production. “A lot of common affairs were integrated into to the movie to ensure that it was main stream and everybody could relate to the conversation. “We ensured that the accent was distinctly Nigerian. Shot almost entirely in Ibadan, the movie credibly showcases the transformed landscape of the city, much to the delight of residents and natives alike.”