#BBNaija: Simi visits the housemates; TTT wins Head of House crown

#BBNaija: Simi visits the housemates; TTT wins Head of House crown


By Busari Yusuf

Since Biggies surprise quadruple eviction, the Big Brother Naija housemates have been decidedly sombre, waking up later than usual and going through their morning routine in complete silence. Unknown to them, Bisola and Bally haven’t left the house at all rather they are on vacation somewhere in an unknown part of the house , watching their fellow housemates on TV.

Tboss seemed overcome with emotions and almost at the verge of tears as she, TTT, Uriel and Kenem stared at the pictures of their evicted housemates. Uriel and Bassey had gut feelings that Biggie was up to something because Bisola was too popular to be out of the game.

‘Love Don’t Care’ crooner Simi, who performed at the Live Eviction the night before, paid a visit to the housemates and was touched by the housemates dance performance of her hit song ‘Love Don’t Care’, which they were working on as their first challenge of the week. She told them that they are all legends and went further to ask them what it was that brought them into the house.

Debie-Rise told Simi that she was in the house because of the amazing platform it offered for her. All of the housemates explained their varying reasons from Tboss wanting to show that though of mixed race- a Romanian mother and Nigerian dad- she wanted to show Nigerians that just because she looks different ”doesn’t mean I am a bad person, I am just like you and me”. She also mentioned that she wanted to continue acting and that the Big Brother show was an amazing platform for her.

Marvis said she wanted to showcase her acting and rapping and asked the music star how she managed to juggle music production with her career as a vocalist. Simi said, by way of reply to all those who had the same reasons for being in the house, ”You have to look out for yourself but for good reason”.

Efe said he was using the medium to expose Nigerians to his music as he said he sang and rapped in pidgin and he wanted to give his genre more exposure. Uriel spoke about how it was different in the UK. Bassey revealed that he had always being a big fan of the Big Brother shows and was desperate to get in too, as he saw it as a huge platform for him to explore himself.

Kenem also said that he wanted to be on a platform that showcased his brand, explaining that he was an entrepreneur and that this would get him to the next level.
Simi concluded with the housemates by saying, ”One thing I have noticed is that it is very easy to judge someone you haven’t met”. She said that they had to open themselves up to the experience and had to ”hold your head up and put your eyes on the prize”. ”Remember your goals and keep it real”, she ended.

From there, Simi visited Bisola and Bally on their paradise vacation. They talked for a while as Bisola and Bally charmed the petite starlet and Bisola gushed over a story about when she first saw Simi live.

The first round of the HoH task began with the housemates having to guess the number 173 written on paper by a BBNinja. Tboss, TTT, Marvis, Uriel, Debie-Rise made the five closest guesses moved to the next round while Kenem, Bassey and Efe were eliminated.

From five contestants to the HoH tittle, the number was brought to three with Uriel and Debie-Rise joing their defeated housemates on the benches.

TTT, Tboss and Marvis plunged into Biggies last challenge of popping ballons with their bottoms. It was a relentless race against the clock. Eventually ,ladies man, ThinTallTony found the slip of paper bearing Head of House, thereby emerging as Head of House, leaving seven housemates up for eviction.

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