Kiss Daniel’s Video For Sofa Has Got Colour Themes, An Actual Sofa, And A Sex Position

Bernard Dayo


The video for Kiss Daniel’s Sofa is out and it reminds me of one thing: Destiny’s child’s Say My Name video of 2000, featuring colour-coded sets resembling apartment living rooms. Sofa, as a single when it newly was released, didn’t particularly sound like Kiss Daniel. In his voice, I heard a gelded mixture of Sean Paul, Gyptian, Sean Kingston (OK, maybe just Gyptian, since Sofa draws heavily from Gyptian’s hit single Hold Yuh), and I thought perhaps this might be Kiss Daniel trying to reinvent himself.

He does it fairly well, giving one the impression he has been doing dancehall for long. Clarence Peters stamps his directorial signature on Sofa: the video features the titular sofa, upon which half-naked woman slowly twist to the song’s rhythm. Green, red, and black colour themes tantalise visually, including gravity-defying scenes that could have been better, like in Jason Derulo’s If It Ain’t Love video where there was more movement.

The scene in which Kiss Daniel is shown vertically with a languid ease and surrounded by women draped with satin black covers has been overused in pop culture. That said, the video shines with the dark, hole-punctured background with an agreeable woman (away from Kiss Daniel’s sex-luring sofa). Things gets interestingly playful when sofas starts to glide through partitions. Kiss Daniel is on one, holding the clichéd, alcohol-holding red plastic cup, and women too, showing amused, goofy expressions.

Then I get to realise, as the video nears its ends, that all that sofa-chilling is only creative foreplay—a woman is shown in bed with Kiss Daniel. She doesn’t lay not side-by-side. She is on top, cowgirling Kiss Daniel. If the video for Sofa is an attempt to popularise the woman-favouring, cowgirl sex position, then I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.

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