Three Observations From AY Makun’s “10 Days In Sun City” Trailer

Three Observations From AY Makun’s “10 Days In Sun City” Trailer

Bernard Dayo

Expanding the Akpos franchise since making 30 Days in Atlanta and A Trip to Jamaica, AY Makun’s surprise-release trailer for his follow-up new movie 10 Days in Sun City is chaotically funny as it is a charming, scene-by-scene kaleidoscope of Sun City, South Africa. Even so, there are a few stand-out elements that pervades the almost-three minute trailer. And as the movie is slated to be released across cinemas in Nigeria on June 23, here are three observations from AY Makun’s purported summer action-comedy blockbuster:

Adesua Etomi

The Wedding Party-famed actress surfaces as AY’s lover, fresh off her newly-minted wedding engagement to Banky W. Based on the trailer, she falls into the sticky pit of typical Nollywood typecasting—she’s arguably pretty and thus her character revolves around the cliched, soapy romantic relationship theme, reburnished for prestige-era TV and its audience. With Runtown’s Mad Over You cushioned in as appropriate soundtrack, Adesua is seen with AY playing around, running around, until the signal goes straight to our brains that they are in love. Even more, Adesua is shown in a scene where she slowly walks down a staircase in a gorgeous red evening dress cut off at one shoulder. Red is the universally-accepted colour of love but you already know this.

The Breaking of Bottles

This occurs three times in the trailer, notably where a man with a gun tells a woman in motion to stop running and then AY comes up from behind the man and smashes a bottle against the back of his head in a shower of fragments. And in other scene where a bathrobe-wearing AY smashes a bottle against the head of a man in a hotel room. All these, I suppose, are part of the movie’s grand action sequence. But the comic value is lean, too lean. Have you seen Spy or Kingsman: The Secret Service? Both movies are a rich composite of excellent, jaw-dropping action-comedy stunts. And I’m only talking about their trailers.

The Star-Studded Cast

10 Days In Sun City notably props up itself with its A-list star feature, from Miguel Nunez Jr giving AY sex-related advice to Ali Baba pumping a pillow against his crotch. Mercy Johnson, Falz, and 2Baba, all shown in fleeting, quick-cut scenes, still very much indicate that 10 Days In Sun City will not dwell on their respective story arcs. Only recently, Toyin Abraham’s star-studded Yoruba comedy Alakada Reloaded arrived across cinemas, and it was as messy as they come. Good on the strength of its star-studded cast, 10 Days In Sun City is beautifully gushy, but it’s a seeming deceptive tactic. And on June 23, we’ll be able to gauge how much we’ve been fooled.

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