Terry G Reinforces His Never-Changing style on Jaye Jaye

Terry G Reinforces His Never-Changing style on Jaye Jaye

Bernard Dayo

Terry G’s just-released Jaye Jaye is conceptually bankrupt. But you will love it, if not for anything but for its club-ready appeal. Terry G is staying true to what he knows best—perennially serving dizzyingly bombastic sounds full of loose, street-wise lyrics that throb at a heart-thud pace. And on Jaye Jaye, he is as beastly as his 2016 Sangalow or his street-famous Ginjah Ur Swaggah track.

Over time, Terry G has carved an identity from brisk, danceable popcorn music qualified by self-invented lingua that fall entirely flat under the sheer criticality of deconstruction. On many songs, the lyrics are messy and nonsensical, a jumbled glut of jarringly assertive colloquialisms.

“Ebelebe” he sing-cries on Jaye Jaye, brisk with new age percussion loops underneath. Deciphering the lyrical worth of the track will prove futile, given Terry G’s signature penchant for depthless, beat-focused, club-worthy lyrics. As a follow-up to Oba Crown and the surprisingly, R&B vibey Omo Dada, Terry G mines Jaye Jaye to crowd-pleasing perfection.

Listen to Jaye Jaye below:


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