Falz Is Still Falz On “Jeje”

Falz Is Still Falz On “Jeje”

Bernard Dayo

In January, Falz released Wehdone Sir, a socially and politically resonant track that is as goofy as it is a critique of people who live cunningly deceptive lives. It is relatable, even accompanied by a virally popularised pose to go with it. On comparison, it is softer to the rap-heavy, self-referenced Baby Boy released in March, his declaration of a commitment to enjoying life’s luxuries without being held down by relationship-induced problems.

“I’m a baby boy for life,” he raps over solid, loping beats, “Baby boy for life.” His pronouncement is almost cuttingly serious, but then you are dealing with Falz—whose comically-flavoured musical style and personality are an inseparable mix. On the newly-released JeJe, Falz opts for the skills of Studio Magic and the production is quietly and soothingly luminous, utilising a highlife atmosphere that works. The beat thuds, groovy with solo guitar riffs. “All the cloth you dey wear, e be chassis,” Falz raps on the hook, “This your catwalk, be like you dey practice.”

Jeje is, by content, artistically antithetical to his earlier-released Baby Boy. There’s a semblance of a connection he wants to make with his love interest on Jeje; he’s in quiet awe, like every straight man would, of her beauty and possibly her sexual athleticism.

You can listen to Jeje below:


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