Ebisan’s “Ice Cold Water” Conveys Her Emotions On Throwback

Ebisan’s “Ice Cold Water” Conveys Her Emotions On Throwback

Bernard Dayo

Ebisan has never been afraid to express her emotions in her songs. She brings all of them into a vocal boiling pot that brims and froths, as when she released Suru back in 2012, a song on which she vocally soared on sweeping R&B rhythms. They come out so profoundly and purely distilled, these emotions, that you are drawn into her world of vulnerabilities and fears, small victories and self-embracing imperfections. On Time Of Our Lives, with its glossy soft-pop romance, she is spritzy and the lyrics are spunky; it is a gentler version of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, marked by sunny, reckless debauchery.

But Ebisan isn’t tied to any artistic motif of how emotions should be conveyed. In the wedding-themed video for Jowo, she is psychotically in love with a man that she wouldn’t let go of. She sounds both vindictive and playful at the same time: “Don’t you break my heart,” she warns with a voice so floatingly light, seized by the possibility of rejection. When her single Ice Cold Water was released earlier this year, off her debut album Finally Here, it was a bewitchingly captivating song with all the right formulas for a future smash. Steady, repetitive drum beats cocoon her delicately sad vocals, as petals would for a budding flower. In the Mex-directed video, even inertly sitting on a well-laid bed, Ebisan is a bundle of effortlessly articulated emotions. “When I think of the days I was keeping scores to bully you/Breaking up with you was a dumb thing to do.”

There’s an eerie whoosh after that, one that visually foreshadows Ebisan against a lavender-hued background, a sugar rush of stunningly clipping vignettes. She is as bold as she’s vulnerable, and her fashionably low haircut gives the video a modern, gauzy edge. Ice Cold Water recounts a melancholy induced from a lost love that has found happiness in another, and Ebisan taps into the depthless well of her feelings. “The shock of seeing with you another girl,” she repeatedly sings over elastic basslines. Signed to Aristokrat Records, Ebisan is, without a doubt, a canvass for the emotions we can’t wholesomely express.


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