With Its Third Episode, “The Wrap Up” Is Back To Square One

With Its Third Episode, “The Wrap Up” Is Back To Square One

Bernard Dayo

Three episodes into Accelerate TV’s new web series “The Wrap Up” and we are already convinced, without a shred of doubt, about two things: Toolz’s hosting spot will not be moved—she is going to be supremely seated on that bar stool for as long as the show runs its course—and “The Wrap Up” isn’t conceptually strong to be consistent. Back to what I wrote about its first episode, “The Wrap Up” had been heralded by a good measure of anticipation and positioned as summer-ready, extra-juicy prestige TV. It disappointed though, then shimmered and auspiciously ignited a spark of TV goodness on with its second episode. Yesterday, offering a brand-new episode from its own kind of canon, “The Wrap Up” disregarded the themes that made it once good and transmuted into a vacuum, a swagger void, fraught with hard-pressed laughter and fleshless humour.


For the fourteen-minute-plus duration of its third episode, a bewigged Toolz and her celebrity friends—N6 and Marcy Dolapo Oni—listlessly recounted experiences of their worst first dates ever. That they all thought that the topic was enriching enough only reveals the thoughtlessness in the show’s concept and vision. As usual, Mix Chievous the dutiful bartender is sidelined to the margins. Unusually, his little fleeting chats with Toolz, this time, preps the show for its main content. I’m still surprised by the fact that I have never seen N6 before until he walks into the bar, looking like a cross between American singer Seal and Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu. I decided, later, that it had something to do with the baldy aesthetic of both artistes, which N6 uncannily oscillates between. N6’s popularity status has fed off from from being a radio-celebrity demigod, as most Nigerian radio presenters OAPs are, so he ticks the show’s boxes for lacquered, premium-only guests.


He is the first to tell Toolz about his worst first date which, for him, occupies a new spot in the ranking of worst dates. Articulate enough, his date story is the canned, cliched staleness of romantic cinema-going, ending with the woman dropping her head heavily on his shoulder before the movie starts—she snores with a piggy grunt throughout the movie, ruining what could have been a fun time leading to a money-invested-to-be-reaped-as-sex top off. Dolapo, on her part, shares a slightly confusing, two-time worst date account, reeling off words like “petite,” “Volkswagen Polo,” and “couch.”

Marcy Dolapo Oni

The only part of the show that induced free-flowing humour was situated at the end: the alcohol-run game time which, in my opinion, I had deemed as an unnecessary, time-wasting appendage. “The Wrap Up” will still have fans watching every week by virtue of Toolz’s glossy, surface-level celebrity power. If you are looking for pulpy, high-contrast TV, “The Wrap Up” is obviously not for you. But it can be utilised as a good time filler. Or a preoccupation between chores, like when you are doing the dishes or something.

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