Why is the Movie Fifty getting Serialized?

Why is the Movie Fifty getting Serialized?

Itohan Ferguson

EbonyLife TV in commemorating 4 years of broadcasting, organised a TV and Film Festival for their loyal viewers, at the Filmhouse Cinemas IMAX Lekki Lagos. It is a revisiting of past movies and series, from the repository of Ebonylife. Some of the movies and series that were revisited are: The Wedding Party, Fifty, The Governor, Sons of the Caliphate, Life 101 et cetera. It is a star studded event, with so much glitz and glamour; Men decked in fine attires, women in gorgeous dresses, with shoes made to strut the red carpet. Ebonylife viewers, supporters and celebrities undeterred by the rain came out to show support to Mo Abudu, CEO of Ebonylife and her team.

Happenings is of course ready to give you the scoop, we ran into Ebuka sans his Mrs , who came out to show his support for Ebonylife in a response to a question “What EbonyLife meant to not just him but to the Nigerian audience”, he answers, the uniqueness of Ebonylife is its strong Nigerian theme and original programs”.

Another actress Happenings encountered on the red carpet is the beautiful actress Adunni Ade, who looked as delectable as ever, lightheartedly holding a cupcake while she posed for the cameras.

Ebonylife CEO Mo Abudu, is all smiles and she says “It is truly exciting that our viewers came out to support and celebrate with us, as we become 4 years old.”

In the course of the event, there are several disclosures, that movies which attained box office successes at their releases, will be getting serialized. The Movie Fifty is one of such movies.

The question that reverberates in my mind is, Why is the Movie Fifty getting serialized?

For many of you, who may have missed the movie Fifty, when it was first released, here is a brief reminder of its plot; the movie encapsulates the lives of four Nigerian women, who are either 50 years old or are standing on the precipice of turning 50. We follow these women in the heights of their careers, the pinnacles of their successes and their ubiety in the grand scheme of things. These women leading divergent lives are somewhat interconnected.

We have Ireti Doyle as the hedonistic and extremely sexual Elizabeth, whose love for younger men have her constantly in conflict with her daughter and friends;  Dakore Akande, as Tola, the wealthy, bossy socialite, who sacrifices so much to keep the dark secret of incest hidden; Omoni Oboli as Maria, a very successful woman, whose life will be irrevocably changed because she is pregnant for a married man and Nse Ikpe as Kate, a devoted wife, who clings to religion as a form of escape from her health travails.

While the movie has such potential, it lacks depth, or rather the story lacks the profundity it should have had; We are  granted a back door access to the lives of upper middle class – upper class older women, yet we do not have our curiosities properly assuaged.

The movie Fifty is not series materials, its plot structure is not deep enough to bear the weight of what a serial program entails. If the plot of Fifty as a movie  is not exhaustively explored as it should have been, it is unlikely the series will do any better.

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