“The Wrap Up” is Boring, but It will Be Unbearably Boring without Toolz

“The Wrap Up” is Boring, but It will Be Unbearably Boring without Toolz

Bernard Dayo

In its ninth episode, The Wrap Up stutters and plunges into a kind of stasis. For now, the show’s seeming entertainment value is anchored on the fragile pedestal of Toolz’s posh celebrity breed. The Wrap Up has milked this advantage to the last drop, since the premiere of the first episode, zooming in on Toolz with carefully soft dewy lens and subtly cropping out the background. What is particularly frustrating about all the episodes is the strait-laced predictability, from water-cooler conversations between Toolz and Mix Chievous in the opening fleeting minutes to the way the guests arrive and take their seats in the bar. Mix Chievous, it seems, now functions as a pseudo-guest, juggling bartending duties and floating into the shiny, gold-plated Toolz-and-her-lovely-guests-orbit, and spluttering in his ultra-focused spotlight.

With Niniola and Ajebutter 22 as couch potato guests, The Wrap Up isn’t any better and suffers more stasis. The conversation is carved from Nigeria’s on-going economic recession, and everyone shares the things they have had to cut off to save money. Quite surprisingly, Mix Chievous shares the most engaging and mildly passionate date-with-a-girl story, which prompts Ajebutter 22 to ask at the end, “Did you issue?”

“Issue” isn’t a word I’m familiar with, in the Nigerian slang lexicography or wherever it came from. But I quickly understood what it meant. Toolz does as well. Mix Chievous didn’t have issue (or sex, to be clear), and Ajebutter 22 chuckles because there was no customary post-date sex for Mix Chievous, from an entitled male point-of-view.

Niniola, sadly, has shrunk and diminished into a fly on the wall, contributing less and less to the topic and only observing. The only thing I can recall is when she mentions a MAC makeup product, going for 12,000 naira. The Wrap Up is boring, hollow, and too sparse to be certified as peak summer TV binge-worthy material. Its tenth episode comes out next week. I would rather it doesn’t come out at all.


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