Episode 10 of “The Wrap Up” is About Cars and Cars and More Cars

Episode 10 of “The Wrap Up” is About Cars and Cars and More Cars

Bernard Dayo

At a point in this week’s episode of The Wrap Up, everything we have come to know is airbrushed into something faintly unrecognizable: waterlogging, amped-down car porn that spans almost the entire duration, a masked metaphor for dick size. Already, The Wrap Up is floundering and perilously gasping for air, but it’s good to see the blossoming relationship between Toolz and Mix Chievous, though this is not remotely enough to save the show from its imminently glamourous self-ruin.

On “Does Size Matter To Women?,” Dotun and VJ Adams are brought in to be the cool avatars of masculine identity, forthright and bombastic. With them, the show feels like it’s blissfully heading somewhere but it’s not. I had expected little or no censoring in the way the topic was treated, which makes Dotun’s mid-episode, over-the-place testosterone flair come off as a waste. The car analogy, or put differently—the show’s unintended faux-TopGear aspirations, was overlong and a little lumpy and didn’t quite do justice to a potentially engaging topic.

“Size does matter to a certain extent,” Toolz says, addressing her guests. Her opinion births from the fact she’s a married woman but a woman all the same. And this makes her the only representative of the womenfolk. In this episode, Mix Chievous is relatively subdued, but his “I think I’m a Ferrari on the outside but the engine is like okada engine” self-description is sublimely spontaneous. I don’t think women are as phallus-obsessed as they are painted to be. Even more, I don’t think they are particular about size. But I’m not a woman. What do I know?


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