Game of Thrones: A Breakdown of Daenerys’ Dragon-Aided Roasting of the Lannister Army

Game of Thrones: A Breakdown of Daenerys’ Dragon-Aided Roasting of the Lannister Army

Bernard Dayo

If you are yet to watch the fourth episode of the now-running “Game of Thrones,” then it’s already too late; you have entered this page and, trust me, there’s no going back. And regretting your impulsiveness is a total waste of energy. The last scene of Sunday’s episode “The Spoils of War” begins ominously with the Dothraki creeping above the horizon in their huge numbers. The Lannister army, with frontman Jamie Lannister, are languid from battle and lounge about in their bubble of self-content. For effect, the Dothraki make primitive, barbaric noises and cackles as their horses gallop purposefully. The Lannister army quickly take up structure and formation for combat. Then the Mother of Dragons supremely appears. This is a breakdown of Daenerys’ dragon-aided roasting of the Lannister army:

Upon hearing the sound of horse hooves, the Lannister army scramble and face south, combat-wise. Jamie Lannister is advised by Bronn to get back to King’s Landing to which Jamie says, “I’m not abandoning my army.” Already, his men have their spears out, as ordered by Randyll Tarly.

This is Jamie’s brave war face, I think. He is probably thinking of Cersei and all the atrocities he has committed in his lifetime.

Call them uncivilized but here come the Dothraki, ready to stamp the Lannister army out of existence.

A first peep of Daenerys appearing out the horizon with a formidable swarm of the Dothraki

The Mother of Dragons has never looked so confident and fiesty. She rides on the muscular, indefatigable back of Drogon and she commands him with Dracarys. And you know what happens when she commands her dragons with Dracarys. she says it with a native accent, as usual.

The Lannister army feel the first wrath of Drogon’s ravenous fire. It’s instant and deadly, turning them to crisp human barbecues.

Yup. Human barbecue.

Drogon is having a fire-unleashing spree like a boss.

What is left of the Lannister army still have the effrontery to fire their arrows at Drogon but their strike is impotent.

Oops. Another human barbecue. Take that, Lannister army.

Bronn expertly handling the dragon-killing weapon with the sole aim to end Drogon’s glamourous reign of fire.

Burning the dragon-killing weapon and whip-crashing it with its tail, Drogon goes down in style, a spear pierced deep in a wing. And that’s Jamie Lannister’s head with a malicious thought brewing in his mind.

The Mother of Dragons single-handedly attempting to remove the spear from Drogon’s wing muscle. But Jamie Lannister has other plans.

Jamie Lannister with a spear he had just pried off from someone’s dead body, galloping towards an unsuspecting Daenerys while she’s preoccupied with saving Drogon’s life.

Say aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, Jamie Lannister. Drogon thrillingly swings his head towards Jamie and bares teeth and tongue and spits out fire.

Out of nowhere, Bronn rides on a horse and narrowly shoves Jamie out of Drogon’s fire and into the sea. That’s real brotherhood, right there.

Jamie sinks forlornly down the bottom of the sea and again, he’s probably thinking of Cersei and all the atrocities he has committed.

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