“Everything In Between” Episode 4: A Sparse Borefest (Spoilers Inside)

“Everything In Between” Episode 4: A Sparse Borefest (Spoilers Inside)

Bernard Dayo

There were many things to forget about episode four of the once-promising, TIERs-produced drama series “Everything In Between. Some of it might remind you of something cropped out of a Nollywood movie: the scene in which Demola’s father brandishes a gun at Demola upon knowing that he is gay vacillates from being staid to cringey. This is a flashback. Demola arrives home to visit his dying father after many years of staying away, and right before he knocks, he remembers his mother shielding him from his father’s wrath and then running out of the house.

Demola, at the head of the table at his human rights office, treating a domestic violence case.

Demola is an important character and, for that, he shouldn’t be waterlogged with tropes and clichés. Four episodes in and all we know is that he is gay and not much complexity. Dayna, on the other hand, enjoys a fairly flourishing relationship with her girlfriend Tobore and uses it as a coping mechanism to deal with her heartless blackmailer of a husband, who is still in the picture, hovering like a dark cloud over head.

Tobore and Dayna in Dayna’s office.

“Baby, are you all right?” Tobore asks Dayna in semi-dramatic shock, upon arriving Dayna’s office. “I’ll be fine,” Dayna replies with a small smile. Jimmy, her assistant, has just excused himself, leaving them both. The women are in a bubble of relative quiet and privacy, and for a fleeting moment I thought the show was about them. Episode four doesn’t consolidate on preceding episodes. It still shows the complacently successful Emma sleeping around and dealing with her parents’ pressure to get married, a spillover from episode three. The show stutters, regurgitating familiar scenes and baiting the audience with cheap plastic sexual foreplay. “Everything In Between,” it turns out, might not be that alternative drama show I was expecting it to be. But it’s still early days.


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