“My Wife and I”: Judging a Movie by its Trailer

“My Wife and I”: Judging a Movie by its Trailer

Bernard Dayo

If you have seen the trailer for the much-anticipated comedy flick “My wife and I,” which premiered over the weekend, you would realise that the story isn’t original. Not that it is a bad thing. Hollywood has done a whole bunch of movies on body-swapping distilled in comic fashion, and Nollywood appears to be making productions in this genre.

Like they say: don’t judge a book by its cover. But for some movies, especially Nollywood movies, a trailer can be utilised as a worthy benchmark for a movie’s integrity. On the surface, “My Wife and I” is refreshingly promising: the movie poster shows married couple Omoni Oboli and Ramsey Nouah captured in mildly mortified horror, dressed in reverse gender clothes. But, truth be told, the almost-three minute trailer for the movie is a faux, cringingly bad striptease. Body-swapping has never been so conceptually boring and ridiculous, so much so that the trailer becomes a looping parody of its own purported comedy.

Struggling to fix their marriage, fun dad Toyosi and career woman Ebere, played respectively by Ramsey Nouah and Omoni Oboli, attend therapy sessions whilst navigating through the demands of being a small modern family. I do not intend to watch “My Wife and I” at the cinemas because the trailer sums up the the movie rather nicely. It’s a mess.


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