Ilaye’s “Castle Wall” is a Pure Guitar Ballad

Ilaye’s “Castle Wall” is a Pure Guitar Ballad

Bernard Dayo

Ilaye’s “Castle Wall” opens smokily, a small puff of something yet to be discerned. “I just want to write this simple song and sing it,” Ilaye sings, her voice delicately strung over heartfelt guitar play. “Castle Wall” is minimally about self-expression and Ilaye turns her vulnerability to her strength. The track’s sunny melodic lines is an open invitation, riding on the steady crest of bleak intelligent lyrics: “Now I see it / heavy skies and memory flash, I’m dreaming.”

The figurative reference to a castle wall hints of a personal struggle. There’s also the case of ambiguity: for all we know, “Castle Wall” might as well be a love song, a warm, radio-agnostic tune with the feeling of a beach-sunset rapture at the end. As a singer and songwriter, “Castle Wall” is Ilaye’s debut single and it’s quite an impressive one.

Watch the lyric video:

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