“Marriage is a Waste of Time” – Femi Kuti

“Marriage is a Waste of Time” – Femi Kuti


By Isaac Oguntoye

Femi Kuti is one of the sons of Afro beat creator, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. The saxophone virtuoso who has been nominated four times for the internationally prestigious Grammy award has given his verdict on marriage.

According to the afrobeat star who recently surpassed Kenny G and Vann Burchfield‘s Guinness World Record, “Everyone must be responsible for their actions” he said while noting reasons why he does not believe in the marriage institution.

I have never believed in marriage and I still don’t believe in it but I am happy I experienced it. I believe if I probably hadn’t married my wife we would still be together, and because of my upbringing, my wife and I are very close. I have a very open mind; I don’t let the marriage break-up get to me.
He buttressed his point I don’t regret being married but I don’t miss it. I don’t believe in that institution. There are many things I don’t believe. I am not religious. I don’t believe I should stand in front of one man who probably battered his wife that morning or one man who has probably never been married and say I now pronounce you man and wife. It means such a person believes he has been given a podium to stand in front of me and call himself a man of God. And he wants to bless me. Who is he that he wants to bless my marriage. That is probably why my marriage collapsed.” Femi reminisced.
Femi’s musical career started when he began playing in his father’s band, Egypt 80. In 1986, Femi started his own band, Positive Force, and began establishing himself as an artist independent of his father’s massive legacy.

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