Nollywood Actor Francis Odega: “I’m Not Against Biafra”

Nollywood Actor Francis Odega: “I’m Not Against Biafra”


By Isaac Oguntoye
Francis Odega is a Nigerian comic actor best known for his hilarious video clip which went viral, dominating the Internet. The dynamic actor has thrown his weight behind the current agitation for the Republic of Biafra.
According to information, the cool dude reacted to the Arewa Youths coalition who recently gave the Igbos in the north an ultimatum, saying “I don’t think Nnamdi Kanu is doing badly for himself because when one looks at it, how can some Northern youths say they don’t want us in their states, which means we are not welcomed. If one group says leave the North, quit the North that means they don’t want us and the only thing for us to do is to have our own state.
“If someone asked me not to come to his house again, what do I do? I look for my own house. I don’t have a reason to pretend about this, if Biafra wants to come let it come,” the actor opined.
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