I Invited the Success-Oritsefemi Counts His Blessings from Double Wahala

I Invited the Success-Oritsefemi Counts His Blessings from Double Wahala


by Issac Oguntoye

Ever since he released ‘Double Wahala’ single, the talented music act, Oritsefemi has headlined virtually all the major shows within and outside the country.

It will interest you to know that, the musical Taliban as he’s fondly called did not only smile to the bank but also complemented it with awards both home and abroad.

In a chat with happenings.com.ng, Oritshefemi declared that he saw the success coming before he dropped the hit single, “I won’t lie to you. I can’t say I didn’t see the success coming because I actually invited the success. First, I told myself that I needed to get a hit.  Before then, I’ve been dropping good songs like *‘Mercies of Da Lord’, ‘For Everyone’ *and others but I thought that I don’t need to restrict myself to one genre of music especially now that Afro-pop is reigning.”

He added that “Though, I started from Ajegunle and people called me Ajegunle artiste, from that Ajegunle level, people started associating me with Niger/Delta State. After that, the Niger/Delta people started feeling me. With that, some also refers to me as Niger/Delta artiste. So, everything I’m doing, they will say my fans are Warri people, which mean, if they don’t do shows in Warri, I can’t get shows. Prior to that, I said to myself, I was born and brought up in Lagos State. All my life has always been in Lagos. So, why should I be afraid to break into Lagos market? I said to myself that this time around, I need a general market. So that was the initial plan, I went back to my drawing board.’’

The talented artiste who shot into fame with the song Mercies of the Lord, a track in which he featured the late Dagrin in the remix, revealed further that, “During that period, what brought Double Wahala is the fact that Afro beat was taking over the musical scene (Fela Style of Music) which I know I can do better. Even when Fela was still alive, I’m one of the artistes that saw Fela one-on-one before he died. And my father is also Fela’s fan. Now that Fela’s activities are taking over the music scene, I should be part of it but I didn’t envisage this big success. I was looking for song to become a Lagos artiste then but as God would do it, I ended up becoming Nigerian international musician. I’m one of the artistes representing Nigeria globally. It is a huge success for me, I must confess to you. I will never forget ‘Double Wahala’.

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