Kingsman Golden Circle: Why it is the Best Spy Movie of All Time

Kingsman Golden Circle: Why it is the Best Spy Movie of All Time

Itohan Ferguson

Wow!!! Was the word on my lips, after watching the latest installment in the Kingsman franchise. I must confess, never has a movie blown me away, like it did. It literally had me at the edge of my seat, in nail biting suspense.

What I find quite commendable about the movie, is the fact the director doesn’t lose his hold on comedy, this is admirable because by placing comedy side by side with serious events, he is able to intensify the plot structure of the story. If you have watched the prequel, you will realise that the villains in the movie are usually obsessed with world domination and are not above committing shocking acts of holocaust to achieve their aim.

In the first installment of Kingsman, mind control was a tool of choice, to perpetuate global annihilation and the villain, played by Samuel L. Jackson wowed us with his ingenuous plot, which involved using the sims in mobile phones as tools of mind control. In this installment, the villain in the movie does not go digital in her bid to achieve her aim, she brings in a new twist into a movie that would have been simplistic and cliche, because it is about a drug cartel and their quest to break free from government embargo on drug trafficking and of course to bring the world to its knees before her.

No she is not your typical drug lord, neither does she come off as one who successfully heads an organised crime syndicate, she gives of the appearance of a homely woman, who may have passed of a wife or mother, however she puts the ‘V’ in villainous, this is the role played by Juilliane Moore, who is Poppy in the movie. It gives the director credit that he casts a character who does not look like a villain but is able to effortlessly depict traits of pure evil.

If you thought the character of Samuel L. Jackson in the prequel was shocking, wait till you meet Poppy, the incredulous thing is that we do not hate her or feel disgusted at her penchant for taking her evil to the extreme. Instances where she puts a man through a meat grinder, turning him into beef patty or the fact she laces all kinds of recreational drugs with poison, leaving those unfortunate enough to ingest them, to die painful and horrible deaths.

While the villain in the prequel has a fear of blood, Poppy has no such fear and is not above getting her hands dirty. She is as ruthless as they come because she single-handedly takes down the Kingsman empire, crippling their operations, so much so that they had to reach out to allies in another country for aid. This juxtaposes the American way of life with that of the more conservative British.

Beyond the action and the theatrics; the blood and the destruction, this movie is beset with an undercurrent of satire, that may be easily missed if one isn’t paying close attention. Also there are several twists in the movie that will blow the minds of the audience, as several characters  are brought back from the dead. (wouldn’t want to give spoilers and ruin it for you… lol).

Espionage is taken to a whole new level and the love for a woman is pitted against love for country, as Eggsy (Taron Egerton) the hero has to make the difficult choice of sexually touching a strange woman while he is in a committed relationship.

If you have a very strong stomach and you enjoy dark humour, with a dose of the spy movie genre, Kingsman Golden Circle is a must see for you. Don’t forget to applaud the director’s ingenuity after.

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